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Digital Ads. Promote yourself effectively with our help.

With RB Synergy you will be found where people are just looking for you.

Digital Ads – PPC

Digital Ads: Working with RB Synergy

We will create campaigns which will bring you new visitors or convert current visitors to buying customers. We focus on every dollar you invest in all paid ads channels.

Channel synergy

Your digital campaigns can be placed in many different paid channels, including social media ads on Facebook or remarketing ads on Google. RB Synergy will make these ads work together.

Advanced Remarketing

We relay on our advanced remarketing strategy, which will also support your other marketing activities.

Low price per conversion

Whatever your goal is, we will set up all paid campaigns such that they reach a low price per conversion, so the real gain from them is maximized.

Synergy with SEO

Paid campaigns are effective if they are synced with other website enhancements, mainly with SEO. Do not worry about losing organic visitors over PPC. We know how to make them all work together.

PPC Campaigns Performance

For PPC campaigns one thing is for sure: you invest in them so they bring you a higher return on your investment. At RB Synergy we know how to optimize PPC campaign performance.

Digital Ads (PPC) and supporting services