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Personalization. We are in touch with high-tech, including AI and machine learning.

Personalization is getting more and more accessible as AI and other technologies are being implemented into today's tools. We can do personalized emails, content for eshops or even notifications.

Personalization Services

Personalization: Working with RB Synergy

Personalized content is a necessity for larger companies to be successful in a competitive market. Here are areas where personalization can be applied.

We work with third party companies who have advanced methods to gather information from website visitors. All this information has to be connected to your internal data sources to apply highly personalized targeting.


When we get information about a visitor's interactions on your website, we can display relevant offers. Show your visitors offers just from a specific category they were interested in or a price range they wanted to spend for their vacation.

Pre-order offers

Many eshops have complementary products, but these do not reflect what a customer wants to buy. So why not show them similar products they browsed recently?

Promotional content

After a few visits we can know what users are interested in. If a visitor browses for a Nissan Leaf EV, we can display on the website, boxed content displaying newest arrivals for this car.

Product Search

If your website has a smart search, users will use it even more. Show them in an instant search result box, items they might be interested in based on their browsing history. Include product features, like color, in your search and remove non-relevant items from some queries.

Personalized content goes with automation

All the above personalized content is being generated automatically. Let us create and optimize smart rules which generate personalized content, and you will see a growth in sales.

Personalization and supporting services

RB Synergy has experience implementing third party personalization snippets and optimizing them for websites.