Email Marketing

Email Marketing: Working with RB Synergy

Avoid being assigned as spam and send emails to the right group at the right time within that converting period. Do you have newsletters? Let us create the content - text, graphics and coding, and let users read them on their phone, tablet or desktop.

Audience segmentation

We know to whom to send emails with different content. Let us separate receivers into a few groups to send relevant email.

Beautiful email templates

Email is like your small web page. You want your clients to enjoy it, learn something useful and then have a smart call to action, so you can convert them on your website.

Email reporting

Our email campaigns are based on data - they are measurable. You will get open rate statistics and by measuring other parts of each email we will optimize your current templates.

Automated emails

Send emails automatically when a visitor makes an action on your website, like an abandoned cart or a memo to buy ink to their printer.

Personalized emails

While segmentation creates basic groups, personalized emails send different content to each respondent. It also includes their name and products they were interested in.

Conversion rate and email marketing

Thanks to our measured, personalized, creative and automated emails we can reach a higher conversion rate. Let your audience know about an upcoming event and start it with the right email marketing campaign.

Email marketing and supporting services

RB Synergy can create engaging email marketing campaigns for your regular or ad-hoc events. You might be interested in reports or branding services as well.