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SEO. You will be found with our help.

RB Synergy knows how to make search engines (Google, Bing) interested in your website and bring new visitors to your website.

SEO services

SEO: Working with RB Synergy

RB Synergy will make sure people can find you online easily. We will edit your pages the way search engines understand while keeping their unique look.

Visible website

With our SEO strategy your website will rank higher on Google and Bing as well as on social media or anywhere online.

Long-lasting effect

Relevant visitors will still be able to find you online even without online ads.

SEO friendly content

Content is King. Let us prepare or optimize content for you. We will do keyword analysis which you will understand and create / optimize a content based on that.

Link-building strategy

Let us start creating an effective link building strategy leading to content, which converts more.

A great product is just 50% of your success. We will make you visible for search engines and take care of your generic online appearance.

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SEO audit

SEO is more than keywords, H1 tags and content. Avoid penalization from Google / Bing and let us do a detailed SEO audit of your whole website. We can fix and optimize your website which will increase organic visits to your website. SEO touches other aspects, such as:

  • duplicated meta titles and descriptions
  • relevancy between content and meta title and meta description
  • fixing 404 errors
  • proper redirects
  • robots.txt
  • setting meta robots tag
  • loading speed
  • image optimization
  • back links
  • link-building
  • HTML minifying
  • HTML, CSS and JS compression
  • caching
  • sitemaps
  • fixing issues found in Search Console
  • mobile usability
  • canonicalization
  • rich snippets

SEO "know how"

  • SEO optimized URLs
    URLs that are easy to understand by humans as well as by search engines and contains the main subject of that page
  • Link-building
    A strategy to navigate visitors to other pages on your website with the goal to keep them browsing your website and to convert them (eg. to buy a product, to send a form).
  • Keyword analysis
    To find the most appropriate words or a group of words, which describe a page.
  • Meta properties
    Meta titles, meta description and meta keyword are used by search engines to save basic page information. Meta keywords are not used anymore and we can say the same about meta description (though it is still a good idea to have it).
  • Crawl errors
    Search engines "regularly" visit a website to gather its content and index it (save it to a database). If a page is deleted, or it doesn't exist, a crawl error can occur.
  • Redirects
    Related to crawl errors, if a page doesn't exist and is indexed, then it should be 301 redirected to a relevant page.
  • HTML structure
    Every page should have an H1 tag (a title) and a proper heading tag structure and all images should have alt tags.
  • SERP
    Stands for Search Engine Result Pages, which are pages found when searching for a term in search engines (Bing, Google). The higher (page one is the highest) your website appears the better.

SEO by RB Synergy

Understanding SEO means knowing how digital marketing disciplines affect each other. Once mastered, a very effective synergy mix can be reached. And at RB Synergy we know how to serve such an SEO mix.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and supporting services

SEO can play one of the most important roles for your website if your business products or services can be reached by many visitors. Get in touch with us to find out if you need to invest into SEO.