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Web analytics. Let's analyze, measure, set up and report.

Big data, small data, both need to be analyzed to achieve a successful strategy. Web analytics is an important data source for all our digital marketing services.

Web Analytics & Reporting

Web analytics: Working with RB Synergy

Online analytics reveals whether your investment was correct and shows you the way to make your marketing more effective. It helps you to understand customer behavior on your website or mobile app.

Web analytics strategy

After defining goals we will then provide you with a clear and intelligible web analytics solution which will output in custom made reports. We can also measure how your offline activities affect your online presentation.

Optimized loading

We will do our best to separate analytics code from web / mobile app code. In case of Google Analytics we use Google Tag Manager to make all the measurement settings synoptical and to load third party measurement codes.


We will create understandable info-graphics for your managers including metrics and attributes essential for your business. More in depth reports including data interpretation can be brought to you in regular PDF reports.

Real time data visualization

Are you running an offline campaign? Then you might need to have a real time data visualization of your online visits. Get it anywhere you go - on your mobile or tablet during a meeting.

Web analytics audit

If you already have Google Analytics or another online analytics tool installed, we can help you to optimize data collection and find annmalies. It is wise to check thoroughly that the data are collected correctly rather than to incorrectly adjust your marketing strategy based on wrongly measured or interpreted data.

Connecting sources: To provide you with the most accurate analytics, we can connect different sources, including offline data from media providers, offline sales etc.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Using web analytics and other analytical tools we can improve conversion rate, so you can reach your marketing goals earlier.

RB Synergy has many years of experience in web analytics, including Adobe Analytics and Matomo (formerly known as Piwik). Our online analytics services also include:

  • converting in-code GA snippets to Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • ad-hoc reporting
  • measuring video views
  • social media reports (Facebook, YouTube)
  • scrolling depth
  • determining goals
  • Bing Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console analytics integration
  • enhanced e-commerce
  • user ID
  • cross domain analytyics
  • customized Google dashboards reporting
  • heat map visualization
  • campaign reporting
  • emailing reports
  • A/B testing

Web Analytics "know how"

  • Google Analytics / Adobe Analytics
    Analytical tools which display in a nice graphical interface the most important occasions happening when visitors browse your website.
  • Google Tag Manager
    An environment that allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics and other third party solutions.
  • Facebook Pixel
    A code snippet which allows Facebook to gather information about Facebook interactions on your website.
  • CRO
    Conversion Rate Optimization is a process which aims eg. to increase the number of visitors who subscribe to a newsletter by optimizing current settings
  • Tracking code
    A short code snippet on your website which allows you to send data related to visitor behavior to other tools

Web analytics by RB Synergy

To assure that the synergy works well across all digital marketing disciplines, we can help set up your GA account correctly and integrate with external (online or offline) data. Get precise and live data reports from RB Synergy now!

Web Analytics and supporting services

SEO can play one of the most important role in your online presentation if your business is related to large population. Get in touch with us to find out if you need to invest into SEO.