Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: Working with RB Synergy

We will take care of all your social media channels, including content planning and its creation, advertisement within social media platforms, creating clear reports as well as communication with your followers.

Social media profile set up

We will enhance your profile and then administer it so you will get the most of it.

Content strategy

Having resourceful content which will keep your current fans and also reach new fans is the next important step we can help you with.

Effective social media campaigns

Let us set up the goals, propose the optimal budget, create time plans, choose the most suitable ads format and write creative text. Targeting the relevant group will bring valuable visitors to your website.

Social media reporting

Do you use Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media? Understanding how followers interact is essential for future plans. Let us create understandable reports for you.

Social media and branding

We will make your brand more visible and support its value. Use social media not only for your followers, but also to bring you new colleagues.

Social media and website

Social media is about creating a lead to your website and to provide great customer service. Some social media campaigns can have much better targeting then other ad campaigns which makes them more financially scalable and cost effective.

RB Synergy can shoot professional videos for your video channels (Youtube, Vimeo) or create beautiful images and creative text for your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Social media has many indicators, which we can influence by our social media strategy:

  • Youtube video views
  • Youtube channel subscribers
  • Facebook post likes
  • Facebook post shares
  • Facebook new fans gained
  • Facebook organic reach
  • Facebook paid reach
  • Pinterest CPA value
  • Twitter Retweets

Social media marketing by RB Synergy

Understanding your company's products and services as well as your audience is a good start to make an effective and successful social media strategy. This is why we will spend some time together to create the best approach for your social media network.

Social Media and supporting services

If you want to increase awareness about your company, then your social media network should aim on branding. Don't forget to have relevant and precise analytics so you know where to invest.