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MOBILE APPs. Public or private. We can do it.

RB Synergy also develops custom mobile apps. A mobile app can be used by your employees, or it can be opened to everyone to make the online experience more entertaining.

Mobile App

Imagine a mobile app which your employees can use to share delivery information or your customers can check for their favorite products they saved earlier. At RB Synergy we have experience building mobile apps, including designing admin and database server architecture!

Mobile app development: Working with RB Synergy


We will prepare an operational architecture of your new mobile app and adapt it for Android and iOS devices.

Project realization

Once we agree on the steps, you will be in contact with our project manager to ensure the developed mobile app is meeting your needs.

Mobile app is going live

Once you’re satisfied with the mobile app functionality, including mobile app administration (eg. adding users, products; usually web based), we will launch it.

We can educate your employees so they can understand how the administration works.

Post mobile app development care

You might need some changes after the mobile app is ready to use / published. We can help with that and also with web site development and other related digital marketing needs.


Mobile app development “know how”

  • Functional & load testing
    Testing accross Android and iOS devices, so your mobile app loads quickly and works smoothly.
  • Custom identity / look
    Define your colors, font, lines, & shapes to identify with your company’s standards.
  • Responsive admin design
    Your editors will see nicely designed admin pages on a variety of devices (phone, tablet, desktop) so they can manage the content anywhere they go.
  • Analytics
    It is important to know what users do when using your mobile app.
  • Integration
    If you decide to create a mobile app as a support to your e-shop, we can integrate POS and connect to your accounting SW.
  • Affordable pricing
    We focus on long-term savings & automating processes, so you can save on human resources.

Mobile app by RB Synergy

Whether we build your mobile app for your internal needs (used by employees) or for the wider public, we always make sure that the solution is scalable and can meet your future needs.

  • Modern UX approach
  • High usability
  • Fresh & clean design
  • Easy to use backend

Ecommerce development and supporting services

Creating an engaging mobile application requires a lot of commitment and understanding of user needs. At RB Synergy we know how to meet their expectations.